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A New Perspective

Writing and presenting your resume’ to a prospective employer or a recruitment company, should be a source of great pride and confidence for you. It should be a sparkling example of your professional experience and your desire to give the reader the most important information in the most easy-to-read format. At a glance, the reader should be able to get a sense of everything that would make you an asset to their organisation .

On top of that, your resume’ is an ‘invitation’ for a company to invest in you as an employee, in order to bolster their own business. Your resume’ should communicate your approach and your personality, BUT must always remain professional and sophisticated. Your resume’ is an opportunity for a business to see that they are gaining an incredibly valuable asset (you) by hiring this person, and your resume’ outlines all of the benefits and features of you, as an asset to a company.

How to Write a Great Resume

Always include your Name at the very top, and then your personal details.Leave out data such as marital status, number of children, and statements like “in great health”.Treat your first written copy as a first draft. You will likely be revising it and editing it, before it is finalised. Begin it by summarising your key skills. Your current job is described using present tense, and past jobs are described in past tense. Be consistent in your resume design (eg: Keep spacing, font size,heading style, etc, consistent throughout the page.) Support the responsibilities and tasks with accomplishments and results. Let the employerknow that your work in the past and present has been effective.
Omit unnecessary information, outdated information, and information that may be used to screen you out. The resume’s purpose is to shed light on your qualifications for the job. Proof read your final resume. Have someone else look at it as well. They will be able to help you find spelling and grammatical errors. Word processors also have a handy “spell check” function. Use it! Do not use color paper, bordered paper, or odd-sized paper.

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