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What makes Placing Heads different?
We Care with that personal touch.

What makes Placing Heads different to others? – We are proud supporters of laughter and fun and, together with our professional insight , we like to access and understand the very essence and core of your business , in order to make a solid connection with compatible candidates.

Real People For Real Jobs
Placing Heads is passionate about the industry in which they operate!
This passion is evident in everything we undertake and involve ourselves in. When we say “Placing Heads and winning hearts” we really mean winning on all sides.

Making A Connection
Our obligation is to create an exciting journey for both the jobseeker and the employer to fulfill their dream. This journey will allow the jobseeker to utilize their skills in a happy and fulfilling environment and provide the employer with a happy and satisfied workforce.

Placing Heads also strives to deliver quality service to both our clients and candidates that include warmth and care that we feel is genuinely lacking in the Melbourne marketplace today. Through rigorous advertising, relentless background probes and detailed assessments of each and every candidate we ensure that the best possible match is made between client and candidates.

Balance and understanding
From personal experience, both principals being working mothers, have developed a broad understanding of balance between working life and home demands . Leading from this ‘Placing Heads’ are empathetic and open to the real issues that both mothers and fathers are facing today in the search for balance.

Enjoying the Journey
Through our own immigration experiences, we have been able to truly understand how change can affect one’s life. We are sensitive to those needs and always attempt to ease the transition by guiding the candidate in the correct direction.

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