Checklist for Employers

Placing Heads | Tips for Employers


• Be well prepared for your interviews.

• Take a close look within your organization for prospective candidates first.

• Identify the position hiring keys clearly before you search.

• Maintain a positive attitude. Remember, interviewing is a two- way learning process.

• Ask probing open-ended and relevant questions.

• Listen carefully, read between the lines and watch body- language, take notes.

• Do not ask personal questions that may encroach on Human Rights Codes.

• Get a second opinion before you make an offer.

• Be professional and courteous at all times and indicate up-front how long you expect the interview to last. Preparing a Job Description

• Start your job description with a list of tasks. Begin by listing the recurring tasks you would have the person do.Your list is the job description. It is the specific responsibilities you are going to pay someone to perform.

• Specify the personal qualifications of the job. Use your list of tasks to pinpoint the personal qualifications, the talents and skills you are looking for.

• Detail your employees responsibilities. The job description helps you to avoid surprises and misunderstandings if you specifically state what you want accomplished.

• Relationship. A real benefit of the job description is that it becomes a contract of responsibility and expectations. Both you and your employee will have a firm understanding of your relationship as it removes the guess work and vagueness of uncertainty and generalizations.

• Review your employee‘s performance. Because an employee s responsibilities may change as your business grows, so should the job description. It needs to be a working document- flexible with your business needs. We suggest you periodically meet with your employee(s) and review it. Discuss what works, as well as the difficult or impractical areas that need to be revised. It is your opportunity to review your employee s performance with meaning and not a conversation couched in guarded language.