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Employment Melbourne and creating jobs in Melbourne is our passion. Placing Heads is a Melbourne based boutique style recruitment company run by two principals, Lauren Meyerov and Debbie Dribbin . We truly understand the genuine significance of how the correct staff can contribute and add value to the success of your business.

Through our own immigration experiences , we have been able to truly understand how change can affect one’s life. We are sensitive to those needs and always attempt to ease the transition by guiding the candidate in the correct direction. Jobs in Melbourne are offered by us each day to the right candidate .

We ensure that our clients go through a process that involves the smallest amount of hassle and the greatest amount of satisfaction and help you to employ the right person for the job is our passion.

Enjoy the journey and find help in our “Tips for Candidates” and “Tips for Employers” section. It is our mission to make the experience in the recruitment process fun, fulfilling and rewarding for both our clients and candidates. We love placing heads and changing lives.

Employment Melbourne

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